2021-22 Walter Roberts Lecture

featuring Amb. (R) Ted Osius

Graphic of Walter Roberts Annual Lecture 2021-22

Amb. Osius will speak about U.S.- Vietnam relations; how a relationship fraught with tensions following a painful war that cost nearly 60,000 American and over two million Vietnamese lives, was able to reach reconciliation after a 20-year journey of daring diplomacy. Amb. Osius was U.S. ambassador to Vietnam during the Obama administration. His recent book, Nothing Is Impossible, offers a vivid account of the diplomatic work that made this reconciliation possible. He speaks to the leaders who put aside past traumas to work on creating a brighter future for the two countries. Amb. Osius also draws upon his own experiences of working first-hand with various Vietnamese leaders, and also traveling the country on bicycle to spotlight the ordinary Vietnamese people who helped bring about their nation’s extraordinary renaissance. 
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Opening remarks will be given by Dean Alyssa Ayres, dean of the Elliott School of International Affairs

Dr. Janet Steele, director of the Institute for Public Diplomacy and Global Communication will moderate the Q&A session with Amb. Osius.

A reception will follow the event.