2021 Creative Dialogues Gala

Creative Dialogues Gala

Join us for the 2021 Creative Dialogues Gala, hosted by the Onero Institute and the Delta Phi Epsilon Professional Foreign Service Fraternity at GWU. In the spirit of the Creative Dialogues in a Changing World (CDCW) event series, this gala will bring our community together to celebrate the importance of intergenerational dialogue and youth representation in high-level international discourse.

On this evening, overlooking the Washington skyline, the Onero Institute will present its Bridge Award to the 2021 recipient, John Bellinger III, for an exceptional contribution to engaging youth in international affairs. We will then hear from guest speakers from the field and the classroom, including a panel of undergraduate students who have worked with the Onero Institute in various ways with a focus on each of the 5 themes of the CDCW series: International Security, Global Political Movements, Rising Topics in International Affairs, Global Public Health, & Climate Change. Finally, we will have the opportunity to network and meet with the community over a light dinner.

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