The 2021 Russian Elections - What Next?

* This event will be conducted entirely in Russian.

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Russia’s State Duma elections were held from September 17-19, 2021. Mass fraud allegations accompanied the voting process, and five parliamentary factions were formed. What can one expect from the new Duma? How will this electoral campaign affect the composition of political forces in the country? What is the Russian political climate going to be like in the next five years? In this talk, Russian political scientist Mikhail Vinogradov will share his opinion about the election and his analysis of its long-term consequences.


Mikhail Vinogradov is a renowned Russian political scientist and regional studies expert. Since 2008, he has been the President of the St. Petersburg Politics Foundation, one of the most frequently cited Russian analytical centers. Previously, from 2007-2008, he served as the Director of the Center for Current Policy, and from 2001-2007, he was head of the political consulting department at PROPAGANDA PR agency. Prior to that, he was a political observer at Russkaya Mysl weekly (Paris), head of the information and analysis division of the Center for Current Policy, and also worked as a researcher at the Institute of Mass Political Movements at the Russian-American University.


Marlene Laruelle, PhD, is Director, Institute for European, Russian, and Eurasian Studies; Director, Central Asia Program; Co-Director, PONARS-Eurasia; and Research Professor of International Affairs at George Washington University.

Matthew Rojansky is Director of the Kennan Institute at the Woodrow Wilson Center in Washington, D.C.; adjunct professor at Johns Hopkins SAIS; and U.S. Executive Secretary for the Dartmouth Conference.

This event is on the record and open to the media.