2021 TSPPPA Conversation Series

Addressing Social Equity through Evaluation and Analysis in Government

Katherine Dawes, Nick Hart, Katherine Newcomer

In two early actions from President Biden, the Administration stressed the imperatives of addressing societal inequities that adversely impact communities across the country (E.O. 13985), and of using evidence-based practices in government (Scientific Integrity Memo). Recently the leadership of the American Evaluation Association (AEA) provided recommendations in response to a request for public feedback on methods and leading practices for addressing equity and support for under-served communities in the United States (Federal Register, 86(85): 24029). Three members of the AEA’s Evaluation Policy Task Force, who participated in preparing the AEA comments and are also Trachtenberg School Faculty, Katherine Dawes, Nick Hart and Kathy Newcomer, will talk about what the presidential actions mean for evaluation and analysis within government. Katherine Dawes is also the Acting Evaluation Officer at the Environmental Protection Agency, and Nick is the President of the Data Foundation.

Katherine Dawes, Evaluation Officer (Acting) at US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Nick Hart, President of Data Foundation and CEO of Data Coalition; former OMB special assistant and program examiner

Katherine Newcomer, Professor- Trachtenberg School of Public Policy and Public Administration

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