The University Calendar lists and details information about events at GW.  These events are submitted to the calendar by GW schools, departments and organizations on an ongoing basis. If you haven’t yet, please explore the many types of events available to the GW community.

The University Calendar is for events organized or hosted by GW departments, colleges, centers and institutes and sanctioned student organizations. Events hosted on or off campus may be open to the public or private to GW faculty, staff, students and alumni. With the exception of conferences or other events that are held in university venues, we will not accept submissions from non-affiliated individuals or organizations.

Events must be submitted by a university calendar administrator or through one of our Open Entry forms. GW reserves the right to approve, reject or make special considerations for any event submitted to the calendar. Events that do not meet the University Calendar requirements may be sent back to the requestor for modifications or rejected. Personal events or solicitations are not allowed, and will be rejected. Please review the University Calendar submission guidelines for details on the submission process.


College and School Calendars 


Other Calendars 




Questions and comments about the features and functionality of the University Calendar may be submitted using the feedback form. Questions about a specific event should be directed to the event sponsor. If you have a question about an event you saw on the University Calendar, please refer to the contact information on the detail page for that event. If you have a question about an event you submitted to the University Calendar, please refer to the contact information in the event confirmation email you received.

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Submit your general feedback, comments or questions about the GW Calendar through our Feedback Form. Questions or comments about specifics events on the University Calendar should be submitted to the event sponsor.

Request a Location

Location Request

You can always request a new building, room or location to be added to the University Calendar. However, the following form does not serve as a tool to reserve a location for a event. Information about reserving space can be found on the Event & Venues website.

Request access

Request Access

Please complete the form to gain administrator access to the University Calendar. Administrative access will be granted only to current GW employees. Students can submit events through the student org event submission form. Infrequent event submissions can be made with the general event submission form.