Annual Yulee Symposium: Feminist Theory in and Beyond the Academy

Feminist theory is often seen as irrelevant to the so-called real world, rarely reaching beyond the ivory tower. But feminist theorizing has no single origin point, and it is has never been content to linger in one place. It is as much a product of political struggle, policy debate, legal precedents, medical breakthroughs, and scientific experimentation as it is a set of ideas produced and debated in the academy. This year, the WGSS Program’s Annual Yulee Lecture will explore the power of feminist theories to shape culture and society with three guest speakers: Mab Segrest, Nicole Burrowes, and Rana Jaleel. Please join us for an evening dedicated to highlighting the transformative potential of feminist theorizing, even and especially when it is applied to issues seemingly unrelated to the aims of gender liberation.

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