The Capitol Riots, QAnon, and the Internet

Technology as an enabler for extremism: What role did QAnon and the internet play in the US Capitol riot?

Mob silhouette underneath QAnon icon

Recent events such as the shocking attack on the US Capitol and armed protests planned around the US indicate that threats to US democracy continue to grow in the wake of the US election. This panel discussion will present views from Professor Chris Kojm, Dr. Rollie Lal, Dr. Rebekah Tromble, and Seamus Hughes, Deputy Director for the GW Program on Extremism on how extremist ideas have spread through society, how technology is an enabler for extremist groups such as QAnon and the Capitol rioters, as well as the international implications. We will also delve into what the government and private sector can do to counter the threat. Please join us in this event to discuss these critical issues facing the US today.

This event is public and open to the media. 

Sponsored By:

Leadership, Ethics and Practice Initiative at the Elliott School of International Affairs

Institute for Data, Democracy and Politics

GW Program on Extremism