China-Japan Cooperation for Asian Multilateralism?: BRI, AIIB, and RCEP


While strategic competition between the United States and China is intensifying, China's President Xi Jinping is scheduled to make his first state visit to Japan this spring.  During his December 2019 meeting with President Xi in China, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe talked about building a relationship that is suitable for a new era for Japan and China.  This panel will assess the prospects for China-Japan cooperation in Asia by examining the financial, trade, and infrastructure development dimensions of Asian multilateralism.



  • Dr. Saori Katada, Professor of Political Science and International Relations at the University of Southern California
  • Dr. Takashi Terada, Professor of International Relations at Dōshisha University, Kyoto, Japan



Dr. Albert Keidel, Professorial Lecturer, Adjunct Graduate Professor of Economics, George Washington University



Dr. Mike Mochizuki, Associate Professor of Political Science and International Affairs, George Washington University


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