Covering the Surface: The Inclusion of Ocean and Environmental Issues in International Affairs Dialogues

Onero Institute FAFL- Oceans in IA

Oceans cover roughly 71% percent of the earth's surface. Whether we see it or not, the ocean and environment impact each of our lives every single day and are inherently linked to the survival of our communities.  The ocean is also greatly impacted by the increasingly destructive consequences of climate change and large-scale pollution. Despite the centrality of the ocean to world affairs, environmental threats to our oceans are often left out of mainstream international discourse. In this discussion we will dive into the importance of the ocean to international affairs, the evolution of environmental threats to the marine environment and global responses to them, recent developments in the challenges facing our oceans, and the role of young people in ocean and environmental issues.

Foreign Affairs with Future Leaders is a series of youth-led discussions which analyze various international issues and topics by collaboratively addressing their most critical questions. They are co-hosted by the Onero Institute and the Delta Phi Epsilon Professional Foreign Service Fraternity and Sorority at GWU. This event is also co-hosted by ThinkOcean. This event will be hosted on Zoom. Please register in advance.

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