Creative Dialogues in a Changing World: Implications of Afghanistan Under Taliban Rule

Onero Institute CDCW- Afghanistan

*This event will be hosted in-person and via Zoom

With the withdrawal of American forces from Afghanistan this past summer and the fall of the Afghan government in Kabul, the Taliban have gained control of Kabul and most of the country. On September 7th, the Taliban created what they call an interim government with veterans of the militant group occupying top posts. With the United States withdrawn, Afghanistan's neighbors, including Iran, China, and Pakistan, are left to deal with the consequences or opportunities a Taliban-led government present. 

In this event, "Creative Dialogues in a Changing World: Implications of Afghanistan under Taliban Rule", we will speak with returning guest Dr. Richard Weitz of the Hudson Institute Dr. Marvin G. Weinbaum of the Middle East Institute, and Bill Roggio of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, about the interests of Afghanistan’s neighbors in the greater region and what the Taliban-led government means for their foreign policy strategy.

The Creative Dialogues in a Changing World (CDCW) series lends a transformative discussion on complex modern questions in international affairs through intergenerational dialogue with experts and special guests specializing in a wide array of issues related to five themes: International Security, Global Political Movements, Rising Topics in International Affairs, Global Public Health, and Climate Change. This Foreign Affairs with Future Leaders-inspired series is hosted by the Onero Institute and Delta Phi Epsilon Professional Foreign Service Fraternity at GW. The series will incorporate a mix of virtual, hybrid, and in-person events.

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