Crying Hands

Crying Hands poster

About Deaf People in Hitler's Germany

Script and director: Bentein Baardson

Performed in ASL and English

The fates of the deaf in Nazi Germany has been a neglected topic in the story of the Holocaust. It is only recently that this almost unknown chapter of history has been the subject of documentation and research. – Director Bentein Baardson

Crying Hands is a documentary driven play about deaf and disabled people's experience during WWII. It is based on interviews of Holocaust and civilian survivors. This is an original production by Teater Manu, an award-winning National Deaf Theater based in Oslo and has toured extensively across Norway and abroad. With four of Norway's most dynamic actors; this production is performed in both ASL and English.

Faedrelandsvennen 5 of 6 Stars

“Crying hands is a shocking docudrama. This play should be a part of the national curriculum at the junior high schools.

Ipek D. Mehlum and Ronny Patrick Jacobsen plays Gertrud and Hans with a dynamic expression in body and mimic, and not to mention; their hands. Eitan Zuckerman lectures with completely appropriate cold and angry sign language. Kjersti Fjeldstad is a voice actress, and her dark, warm voice is an adventure with silent, subdued, devoted, unsentimental, and never overruled tones."

Aftenposten 5 of 6 stars

Tickets: $35/GA and $20/for students/seniors

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