Delta Phi Epsilon Professional Foreign Service Fraternity: Climate Change and International Security

Intersections, Issues and the Search for Resilience

Climate Change and International Security Intersections Issues And The Search For Resilience Wednesday October 28 6 PM

In a world of rising sea levels, intensifying natural disasters and worsening ecological crises,  often overlooked is climate change’s attendant impact on international security’s encompassing matters of energy politics, as well as transnational migration and conflict. 

While multilateral climate summits have become shorthand for climate dreams dashed and deferred, the intensity and urgency of addressing climate change and international security issues have only increased, with minimal time to correct course. 

This brings us to a seminal question: how is climate change exacerbating existing international security challenges, and how can states build resilience in order to respond to this threat? 

Join Delta Phi Epsilon and our guest speakers Dr. Marcus DuBois King and Lt. Com. Oliver-Leighton Barrett, USN Ret. as we discuss this important issue.