Democracy in Action: Past and Present Movements in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Myanmar

Graphic that says Democracy in Action with pictures of past protests in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Myanmar

As democratic forces continue to face serious setbacks in Hong Kong and Myanmar, we look at these two protest movements and the new mechanisms of protest and mobilization against a previously successful movement in Taiwan. What lessons can be drawn from Taiwan’s transformation to an uninterrupted and unfettered democracy?

Leading experts on Hong Kong, Myanmar and Taiwan will discuss comparative demographics of the popular movements, grassroots strategies, traditional and new social media, and political mobilization.

The discussion will be followed by an audience Q&A.


Michael Hsiao, Chairman of Taiwan-Asia Exchange Foundation:

“Taiwan’s Democratic Legacy and Role of Dangwai Journal in Popular Mobilization”

Kharis Templeman, Program Manager, Project on Taiwan in the Indo-Pacific, Stanford University:

“Changing Dynamics of the Democracy Movement in Hong Kong”

Christina Fink, Professor of Practice of International Affairs, GWU:

“Understanding Myanmar’s Spring Revolution”


Syaru Shirley Lin, Compton Visiting Professor in World Politics, University of Virginia Miller Center of Public Affairs


Deepa Ollapally, Research Professor of International Affairs & Associate Director of Sigur Center, GWU