Digital Tech and the Pandemic: Learning from Taiwan's Crisis Management

Graphic that says Digital Tech and the Pandemic with pictures of Audrey Tang, Chelsea Chou, and Dr. Lorien Abroms

Join the Sigur Center for Asian Studies for a panel to discuss technology, public health, and Taiwan.

As an unprepared world reeled under the onslaught of the pandemic, Taiwan stood out for its early success in managing the spread of the virus. Taiwan continues to outperform other states in handling Covid-19, and a big reason is the way in which digital technology is being skillfully deployed for public health purposes within a demanding, vibrant democracy.

Come and hear Taiwan's trailblazing Digital Minister Audrey Tang give an insider account of how Taiwan "hacked" the pandemic, got and stayed ahead of the crisis, and in the process further invigorated Taiwan's democracy. Following her keynote address will be two experts who will speak more broadly on the promise and the perils of the digital space for global public health and what we can learn from Taiwan's experience.

The webinar begins at 7:30pm EDT on Tuesday, November 9th for US-based guests, and at 8:30am TWT on Wednesday, November 10th for Taiwan-based guests. Registered guests will receive an email with instructions for joining the webinar prior to the event. Registration closes at 7:30pm EDT on November 8th, 24 hours before the event begins. Media inquiries must be sent to [email protected] in advance. If you need specific accommodations, please contact [email protected] with at least 3 business days' notice.

This event is free, open to the public, and will be recorded. Questions can be sent in advance to [email protected] with subject "Digital Tech and the Pandemic Q&A."