Enemies Within: The Global Politics of Fifth Columns

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The invocation of "fifth columns" in the political arena has recurred periodically throughout modern history and is experiencing an upsurge in our era of democratic erosion. Fifth-column accusations can have baleful effects on governance and trust, as they call into question the loyalty and belonging of the targeted populations. Enemies Within is the first book to systematically investigate the roots and implications of the politics of fifth columns. The contributors to this volume apply a common theoretical framework and work within the tradition of qualitative social science to analyze cases from three continents. Enemies Within offers a unique perspective to better understand contemporary challenges, including the return of chauvinistic nationalism, the weakening of democratic norms, and the persecution of minorities and political dissidents.

The event will open with remarks by Dean Ayres, followed by a short presentation of the book by the Professors Mylonas and Radnitz, and a discussion by Professors Sheri Berman and Andreas Wimmer. This will be followed by a Q&A with the audience. Several contributors will also be present. Light refreshments will be served.