Event with Payment Request Form

If you'd like to take payment for your event, please complete the following form. Your request will be routed to your school/division's communications and finance teams to ensure that all communications about the event are consistent and the payments are set up to be routed appropriately.

This system can be used to accept payment for any events hosted by GW staff or faculty that do not include taxable components. 

Student organizations should contact the Center for Student Engagement to discuss online payment options. 

Items such as merchandise or meals are taxable. For example, if you want to charge $100 for your event with the option to pay an additional $25 for lunch, this would not be possible using our system because the meal would be taxable. 

If you have questions about this, include them in the "Additional Notes" field on this form. 

We recommend submitting this form to kick off the setup process no later than 30 days prior to when registration needs to begin. 

This system can collect basic contact information and a limited number of customized fields including discount codes. 

No, on-site registrations with payment are not possible. The registration and payment period typically ends 24 hours prior to the event (or earlier if desired). 

You will be granted access to log in and download a spreadsheet of all registrations. 

Either you or your finance director will be granted access to process refunds. These details will be confirmed upon form setup. 

Event Details

Please note that this is not a room reservation system. The location listed here should be reserved prior to submitting this request.
If the event is already posted on the University Calendar, use this field to provide a link to the existing event page.

Registration Details

First name, last name and email address will be collected by default. List any additional information you need to collect from your registrants.
This is the text that will appear if no registration slots are available. It should be user-friendly and direct potential registrants to a reliable source for additional information. If you intend to provide a waitlist, include instructions for how to sign up for the waitlist here.
Include the names and GW email addresses of all users that should be given access to view and download the registration list.
By what date does this event need to be live on the university calendar?

Your Contact Information

Please provide contact details for you or the main point of contact for this event. Your submission will be reviewed and a member of our team will work with you to finalize the registration form setup and schedule a launch date. 

Please provide a GW email address.
Schools or divisions not listed here are not currently eligible to use this service. For assistance, email [email protected]
Provide any other information you feel is relevant to this request.