Event Submission Policy

Before You Submit

  1. Your event must be GW-affiliated (hosted by or taking place at The George Washington University)
  2. Confirm that all of your event information is current and accurate
  3. PROOFREAD your event content
  4. Review some of the existing events in the Calendar to familiarize yourself with the general style and format for events

Event Approvals

Using the event submission form does not guarantee that your event will be published to the GW calendar.  All submitted events must be reviewed, and approved or denied by the applicable department and/or category owner(s). When an event is submitted, the requestor will receive the following email notifications:

  • An email confirming the event submission

Files and Images

  • Images
    • Do not include images that may be offensive, inappropriate, or in violation of copyright laws or GW policies.
    • Images should be appropriate for the event being submitted.
      • For example: portraits of speakers, photos of venues, or high quality promotional graphics
    • Image size should be 1080px (width) x 720px (height), and no larger than 1 MB file size.
  • Files
    • Uploaded documents should be no larger than 1MB
    • Acceptable image and document file types include: .pdf, .doc, .xls, .jpg, .gif, and .png
    • You can request to have an image created for your event through GW's Marketing and Creative Services department

Featured Events

“Featured Events” are featured on the Calendar website homepage. Designation as a Featured Event is at the discretion of External Relations. Bear in mind that Featured Events may be updated frequently, and we cannot guarantee how long your event will be featured on the Calendar home page.

Withdrawing or Cancelling Events

You may withdraw your event request from consideration at any time. To withdraw or cancel an event, forward a copy of your event submissions confirmation email to a calendar administrator.


The calendar has been designed to quickly reflect changes, corrections, and updates on events. Despite our best efforts, some information may be incorrect, or we may not have information on an event you want to attend. We regret any inconvenience caused as a result.

Additional Help or Information

If you have further questions regarding your submitted event or need further assistance submitting events to the GW Calendar, please submit feedback.