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805 21st Street NW, Washington DC 20052

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Can democracy prevail? What’s a roadmap for the future? SMPA's new series invites thought-leaders, students, and the community to think boldly and creatively.

We are excited to share our inaugural speaker for the Sesno Series: Senator Cory Booker (NJ),  former mayor of Newark, presidential candidate, and GW commencement speaker

During this tumultuous time of unprecedented polarization, Prof Frank Sesno and Senator Booker will discuss how we confront the challenges facing our democracy and our future.

This will not be just another conversation or lecture; it will be an only at SMPA event. You will have the chance to engage directly with our speakers, pose tough questions, and share ideas about what we can do to navigate these difficult times.


Please note this event will be live streamed via GW's Facebook and Youtube Pages. Learn more here

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