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Recent developments on the global stage are having an outsized impact on Taiwan’s security and political economy. Continuing supply chain disruptions, moves to de-risk or de-couple from China, heightened geopolitical tension in the Taiwan Strait with rising Chinese pressure, all raise questions for Taiwan’s security and stability.


Join the Sigur Center for Asian Studies as a group of experts discuss strategies, policies and challenges in promoting the economic and military resiliency of Taiwan.


Panel One: Strategies for Security (10:30 am-12:00 pm)

Defending Taiwan and Deterrence Strategy, Lonnie Henley, GWU

Alliance Politics and Taiwan, Bonnie Glaser, GMF

Strategic Signaling and US Posture, David Sacks, Council on Foreign Relations

Moderator, Robert Sutter, GWU


Lunch (12:00-12:30 pm)


Panel Two: Building Partnerships for Resiliency (12:30-2:00 pm)

Indo-Pacific Partnerships and Regional Views, Shihoko Goto, Wilson Center

New Southbound Policy and Impact, Adnan Rasool, University of Tennessee at Martin

US Role in Building Economic Security, Barbara Weisel, Rock Creek Global Advisors

Moderator, Deepa Ollapally, GWU

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