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In the South Caucasus, Iran grapples with its relationships with Armenia and Azerbaijan amid regional power dynamics. Concerns about the pan-Turkic movement prompt Iran to consider alliances, potentially including with Christian Armenia, particularly as Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan also seeks leadership in the Muslim world. Allegations of Azerbaijani cooperation with Israeli intelligence further strain Tehran-Baku relations, compounded by the significant Azerbaijani population in Iran. This complex interaction presents openings both for cooperation and for conflict.


This seminar will address several key questions, including:

  • Will Iran intervene on behalf of Armenia amidst growing Azerbaijani political assertiveness?
  • How strong is Azerbaijan’s sense of national identity in its southern regions?
  • How does Iran view Armenia’s Western pivot and its relations with Russia?
  • Should Azerbaijan align more closely with the West, the EU, and NATO, or should it maintain a balanced policy among Western powers, Russia, Iran, and Turkey?
  • Can Iran meet Armenia’s energy demands if the latter distances itself from Russia?

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