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Join a series of biologists throughout the fall semester in the CCAS Department of Biological Sciences' weekly seminar series! 

This week, PhD student Cal So will be discussing unexplored morphological diversity in the evolutionary origins of modern amphibians, and postdoctoral scientist Luca Livraghi will be speaking on the evolution of butterfly wing patterns mediated by a lncRNA.

Future Seminars:

  • Sept 22: Dr. Sarah Woodley on amphibian physiology and immunity
  • Sept 29: Dr. Daniel Caetano on modeling the evolution of sequence traits
  • Oct. 20: Christa Heryanto¬†(PhD student)
  • Oct. 27: Dr. Katherine Corn on fish, biomechanics, and macroevolution
  • Nov. 3: Ling Sheng Loh (PhD student)
  • Nov 10: Dr. Alan Turner on dinosaurs and crocodylomorphs
  • Nov. 17: Dr. Roger Benson on evolution and biodiversity in dinosaurs, reptiles, and synapsids
  • Dec. 1: Dr. Nate Morehouse on sexual reproduction in insects and spiders
  • Dec. 8: Nureen Ghuznavi (PhD student)

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