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Elliott School of International Affairs, Lindner Family Commons (Room 602)

1957 E St NW, Washington, DC 20052

Central Asia’s multi-vector approach to diplomacy has long been a cornerstone of its foreign policy, playing a prominent role in regional discussions. This strategic framework enables states to nurture relations with influential actors like Russia and China, while safeguarding their own sovereignty. Central Asian nations have effectively pursued strategic objectives, attracted Western capital, and managed to navigate complex geopolitical landscapes without succumbing to conflicts.


Initially applied within the realm of foreign policy and geopolitical relationships, multi-vector policy has evolved to encompass diverse contexts in the region. This inclusive approach now extends to areas such as economic growth, overcoming impediments like the Jackson-Vanik Amendment, formulating commodity development strategies linked to rare earth elements exports, exploring transit opportunities along the middle corridor, and more.


In this event, renowned experts, academics, and policymakers will delve into the vital issues surrounding multi-vector policy in Central Asia, with a specific focus on its economic and strategic implications. Join us for a comprehensive exploration of this critical aspect shaping the future trajectory of the region.

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