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During the workshop, participants will make use of an open educational resource to familiarize themselves with key terms, phrases, and concepts associated with AI and machine learning. We will identify and describe ways in which AI is being used innovatively; identify what kinds of tasks are performed by machine learning models and weaknesses in those models; and reflect on ethical implications--especially as potentially applied in cultural heritage collections--and potential mitigation strategies. Researchers, instructors, teaching assistants, librarians, staff members, administrators, and leaders whose work aligns with the humanities, libraries, galleries, and museums are especially welcome. 

This workshop is part of the Using Programming and Code for Research series for anyone who wants to get started or learn more about use programming languages like Python, R, or other applications. These tools can help you to collect, manipulate, clean, analyze, and visualize research data or automate many repetitive tasks. If you need personalized assistance with a data analysis, programming, or coding project, consider booking a consultation with one of our librarian-experts. Learn more about our services for programming and coding and for working with data.

All sessions are free to GW students, faculty, and staff. GW has an institutional commitment to ensuring that all of our programs and events are accessible for all individuals. If you require any accommodations to participate in this event, please contact at least 72 business hours (3 business days) prior to the event.

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