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A new materials library, will house 350 mounted material tabula for students and faculty. Come learn more about this resource!

Opening Reception: Monday, March 27 5-6:30pm

The library will be on view and available for student & faculty use

Monday - Thursday, 10am-4pm

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A new materials library, to be opened in Fall 2023, will house 350 mounted material tabula for students and faculty throughout the university to explore and examine. Supplied by Material ConneXion (MCX), and in combination with an online MCX materials database (available to all GW students and faculty), this curated (and rotating) selection of materials was chosen to provide examples of a vast array of new and cutting edge materials in multiple themes, to include: Comfort, Retail, Manufacturing of Tomorrow, Invisible Tech, Packaging, Performance, Flexible Electronics+Soft Robotics+Soft Haptics, Transformative+Wellness Materials, Bio-and Waste-Made, Sustainability, Additive Manufacturing, and CMF.

As a new resource and learning tool, the library will offer programming that encourages both cross-disciplinary collaboration amongst students in different programs, as well as catering to specific disciplines.

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