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Utopia: A feat once thought unachievable!

Yet, after seemingly endless conflict, between celestials and infernals, chromatic and metallic dragons, drawves and elves, good and evil, peace seems to have finally reached the Sword Coast and has miraculously held for hundreds of years. However, beneath the gilded exterior of the Coast lie those not necessarily satisfied with the current order of things. With the rise of Waterdeep's new mayor, Aaron Armhold, and the disappearance of the old heroes collectively known as "The Coastguard," tensions are at an all-time high.

The Sword Coast needs you, one of several minor gods known as Nobles, who embody a certain aspect of the universe, to sustain peace throughout the modernized region through manifesting your aspect into the world around you. From the bare planes of the Whale Bones to the high peaks of the Moonshae Isles, solve the mystery behind the lost heroes and the secrets hidden under the seemingly perfect society built up over the past several hundred years.

Carpe diem quod tempus fugit!


DISCLAIMER: This campaign is going to be heavily home-brewed, so characters, gameplay, et cetera, are going to be noticeably different to standard D&D 5E.



DM Sam Markowitz., (301)-337-0318.

Starting Oct 1st. Every other Sunday.

8pm-11pm room 401 USC

Some experience required (1-2 games)

Spectators allowed

Lvls 1-5 (home-brew, so scaling is a bit different)

No evil aligned characters. No paladins or clerics.


To join this campaign you must reserve a spot. To do so, email or text the DM, Sam Markowitz, to express your interest (contact listed above). PARTY SLOTS ARE LIMITED. When you are ready to commit, communicate that to the DM. 

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