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Join GW Engineering's Department of Computer Science for another installment in their Spring 2024 Colloquium Series! The talk titled, "Why you should be excited to be a software engineer in 2024," will be given by GW alum Dr. Adam Hughes!


This presentation revisits the significant growth and evolving trends in cloud computing over the past 15 years, setting the stage for a comprehensive comparison with the recent surge in Generative AI (GenAI). We delve into various facets, including the implications of AI on technology-related employment, identifying sectors poised for growth or decline, and the enduring relevance of coding skills. The discussion extends to the heightened anxieties within the tech community prompted by GenAI advancements, accompanied by effective strategies for coping with these challenges.


Adam Hughes' academic journey in physics, marked by the extensive use of scientific computing in Python during his PhD research at GW, laid the foundation for his transition into the tech industry post-2015. As a professional software developer, his expertise spans finance, logistics, and consulting, particularly in DevOps and automation. Recently, Adam has gained recognition for his insights into GenAI's impact on the tech landscape, notably featured in a Business Insider article.

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