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Join leading experts to explore transformative legal movements that can help restore balance to the planet. Earth law, or emerging ecocentric law, is a body of law that includes the Rights of Nature, the rights of future generations, ecocentric governance, animal rights, and other topics. One common thread is that these movements seek to address shortcomings of the current legal system, such as its treatment of nature as mere human property. This event is co-hosted by the George Washington University Law School Environmental and Energy Law Program and Earth Law Center, bringing together leading academics and practitioners. If you are interested in legal innovation to help save the planet, the first-ever Earth Law Symposium is for you. There will also be plenty of networking opportunities.

Leading Earth law practitioners and academics are exploring the cutting-edge legal movement for restoring a dynamic equilibrium between people and the planet. The Earth Law Symposium emerges from and explores the Rights of Nature, rights of future generations, rights to a healthy environment, laws prohibiting ecocide, Indigenous legal frameworks and rights, non-human animal rights, and more. This free symposium addresses the shortcomings of current laws, regulations, and legal systems and investigates Earth law’s opportunities, challenges, and case studies to explore new ecocentric governance strategies.

The Earth Law Symposium is co-hosted by the George Washington University Law School and Earth Law Center. Attendees will engage with experts who are part of a global movement to reshape the legal system and create a harmonious relationship with Nature. This two-day event includes informative sessions and opportunities for professional development and networking.

The George Washington University Law School (GW Law): GW Law's Environmental and Energy Law Program has been at the forefront of education in the environmental law field for over 50 years. The program is expanding significantly to provide the next generation of environmental and energy lawyers with the tools needed to tackle local, national, and international challenges and developments, including climate change, fisheries depletion, air pollution, water scarcity, and new sources of energy.

Earth Law Center (ELC): Since 2009, ELC has been building the foundation of the Earth law movement, advancing the Rights of Nature and other ecocentric law movements in over 20 countries while also training practitioners in these fields. ELC is a global leader with the mission to balance the human-Nature relationship and diminish the pace of global warming, biodiversity loss, and the degradation of the global environment.


For the full schedule, please visit the Earth Law Symposium page.

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