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Textbook affordability continues to be a serious concern for our students. What is the result of the unchecked commercial textbook publishing market? Most students will never purchase the required textbook- directly informing student success, retention and equity in the classroom. Open Education Resources (OER) for higher education have made significant progress over the last few decades and peer- reviewed textbooks and instructional material are now routinely and successfully used by instructors at fellow research universities across the country- including your own!

Join us to learn more about the faculty stipend program in which workshop attendees can earn $200 for writing a review of a textbook in the Open Textbook Library.

In addition, the WRLC is excited to launch the Open@WRLC Adopt Grant Call for Applications. The $2,000 OER Adopt grant is intended to support faculty who wish to replace (adopt) a commercial textbook with OER. Those who "adopt" a resource will be using existing resource(s) as-is or with minimal editorial changes. Grantees will be expected to adopt the selected material in Fall 2023. Join us to learn more about this new opportunity and how you can promote OER advocacy on your campus!

Ellie Bernard-Wesson, Gallaudet University
Melissa Foge, Catholic University

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