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Elliott School of International Affairs, 1957 E St NW, Washington, DC 20052.

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FMF in October features  Dr. Lonnie R. Johnson who served as executive director of Austria’s binational Fulbright Commission for 22 years and currently is working on a history of the Fulbright Program. He is critical of what he sees as ECA’s intention to revise the program’s historical narrative by striking out references to Senator Fulbright and his foundational vision. Dr. Johnson contends that the program has been incrementally rebranded in recent years as a unilateralist American enterprise informed by an American social justice agenda. 

His open letter to the global Fulbright community spoke against the virtual erasure of Senator Fulbright from his namesake program as it runs counter to the commitment to a free and honest exchange of ideas and threatens to damage public perception of the program at home and abroad.


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