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Ampitheater (University Student Center 3rd Floor)

Before finals season goes into full swing, come by for the MotherFunkers' annual Winter concert where we'll be singing an array of songs you're sure to know and sing along to!

The MotherFunkers are GW’s newest a cappella group, founded in 2012. We focus on a repertoire of contemporary pop and top hits you’ve gotta love. On campus, we’re notorious for our unique way of connecting with an audience, notably through our eclectic, and often unexpected, repertoire. Beyond just our pop classics, by bringing some raps, some Spanish music, and more to the stage, the Funkers are all about making an audience think: “I would’ve never thought you could sing this a cappella!?"

At this year’s Winter concert, the Funkers are here to give you class, a whole lotta sass, and a big fat… harmony. We are ready to show up and show out, so sing along if you know the words and show us how you like to funk. So if you’re D.T.F., down to funk, get excited for a funk-filled performance. Be sure to follow us on Instagram and TikTok at @GWFunkers. Stay funky!

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