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The ROK-U.S. alliance, originally conceived as a military and security pact 70 years ago, has since evolved into a “global comprehensive strategic alliance.” Rooted in shared values such as liberal democracy and a market economy, this alliance seeks to cultivate an "Alliance in Action towards the Future" by identifying potential areas of collaboration, thereby laying the groundwork for the next 70 years. In this special lecture, Speaker Kim Jin-pyo will reflect on the trajectory of the ROK-U.S. alliance over the past 70 years and delve into its future prospects for bilateral cooperation, with a particular focus on economic and political spheres, envisioning the next seven decades. With an illustrious career spanning key governmental roles including Deputy Prime Minister for the Economy and Deputy Prime Minister for Education, Speaker Kim has been a prominent figure in Korean politics for the past two decades. Drawing upon his extensive experience as a public servant and politician, he aims to offer insights and inspiring guidance for the next generation of leaders who will serve as vital connectors for the ROK-U.S. alliance. Furthermore, Speaker Kim will present his vision for fostering enhanced bilateral exchanges and cooperation between the two allies.

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