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March For Our Lives GW: Necklace Fundraiser with Luvbirdz on Gun Control Awareness and Reform

Tuesday, March 28, 2023 12pm to 12pm

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This semester, March For Our Lives GW will be hosting a fundraiser with Luvbirdz, an organization created by two sisters in South Florida, who want to spread love, random acts of kindness, and inspiration in celebration of life's occasions and hardships through their handmade lovebird necklaces. Each necklace has a clay bird that represents specific causes.
For our fundraiser, we will be selling Luvbirdz necklaces that will be burgundy and orange. As many of you know, February 14, 2023, is the fifth anniversary of the MSD school shooting in Parkland, Florida, where 17 students, faculty, and teachers lost their lives. Through our burgundy Luvbirdz necklaces, we will be representing our love and support for MSD. In addition, we will be selling orange Luvbirdz necklaces since the color represents gun control awareness and reform in the United States. In addition, orange unified the Highland Park community after their mass shooting last summer. When you buy a Luvbirdz necklace, you will also sign a pledge to encourage you to spread random acts of kindness daily in our GW and Washington DC communities.
Each lovebird necklace will range from $20-25. The proceedings will go to gun control reform and awareness, the Luvbirdz organization, and March For Our Lives at GW. As an organization at GW, March For Our Lives is passionate about bringing awareness to gun control, its need for reform in our nation, and making our community safer.

Hosted by: March for Our Lives GW

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