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Effective note-taking is not simply transcription - it's an exercise in active listening, creating connections, and identifying areas of clarification or further study. In this interactive workshop, participants will learn how to transform their notes into meaningful study materials by self-assessing current note-taking practices and comparing and contrasting multiple note-taking structures. Participants will be able to identify note-taking strategies for before, during, and after class and recognize the purpose and role of note-taking in the study cycle.

This workshop is part of the Skills for Academic Success series which features effective strategies to advance your academic performance at GW. If you're looking for course-specific tutoring, course reviews, or resources to develop new study skills like time management and note taking, please check the Academic Commons website for short videos and other academic resources.

All sessions are free to GW students, faculty, staff, and alumni. GW has an institutional commitment to ensuring that all of our programs and events are accessible for all individuals. If you require any accommodations to participate in this event, please contact at least 72 business hours (3 business days) prior to the event.

In-person attendance of this workshop is open to anyone whose GWorld allows them to tap into Gelman Library.

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