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2100 Foxhall Rd NW, Washington, DC 20007

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One Step Closer Koncerts is a multi-city dance festival; the coming together of artists and audiences in the Indian Classical Arts.


Bharatanatyam (pronounced buh-ruh-tuh-naa-tee-uhm) - one of India’s Classical Dance forms - has been long held as an ethnic Art form, practiced widely by the Indian diaspora as a means to stay close and connected to their cultural roots. This has limited its access mainly to those who feel some prior connection to Indian culture. The long held notions of Bharatanatyam being a mystical art form preaching spirituality and long lost stories, hence one that is only relevant to a select few, have only further limited the diversity and number of attendees.


Should the magic of this Art, any Art, be restricted to a few?


We, at RootEd Foundation USA, believe that Bharatanatyam is a wonderfully versatile art form that has embodied human aesthetic and universal human narratives over centuries, and carries within it the promise to continue to do so for centuries to come. Like a river, the source may be localized, but all can drink from its infinite waters.

At the heart of Art we believe that there are only two very important communities - the artists and their audiences - neither earmarked by a cultural, ethnic or connoisseur tag. Art only finds meaning in the rendezvous of the two. We, the artists, are eager to take that crucial one step closer to you. Would you care to join us?

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