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Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022 has upended its relations with neighbors in the region. Over the last several decades, countries across Eurasia have varied widely in how they have engaged with Moscow, with some advancing more favorable views (both at the elite and the societal levels), while others remaining highly critical of Russia's often domineering approach. But, now in its third year, the war in Ukraine has forced every country to reevaluate its relationship with Russia. The challenges are many, from managing the effect of international sanctions (and Russia's attempts to evade them), handling waves of Russian emigres and the societal tensions they create, and assessing new threats to their own sovereignty in light of Russia's aggression. This eBook shifts the focus from Russia to the other countries in the Eurasia region and gives the floor to experts on and from these societies to analyze the broader fallout of the war in Ukraine.

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