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Our "Professional Access Roundtables” allow current and prospective students, alumni, and employers to connect and network while discussing hot topics within their professions and disciplines. These small-group, semi-structured conversations are designed to catalyze an exchange of ideas and experience to enhance students’ professional development and build community.

Roundtable discussions are led by experienced alumni and employment partner professionals, who craft an initial set of thought-provoking questions shared with students in advance. This allows attendees to prepare for and make the most of these exciting conversations. It also gives discussion leaders the ability to efficiently broaden and deepen students’ understanding of the discussion topics. 

At our Professional Access Roundtable events, attendees not only benefit from meeting experts in their field but also grow their professional network by meeting others who share a common interest in a particular profession and industry. Discussion leaders from our alumni and employment partner community enjoy the opportunity to support, connect, and develop the next generation of leaders in their field. 

These events aim to inspire, educate, and connect you to a world of possibilities, ensuring that your journey through the multifaceted terrain of professions and industries is nothing short of transformative.

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