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1957 E St NW, Washington DC 20052

Please join the Center for Space Policy & Strategy and the Space Policy Institute for a discussion of public-private collaboration in space.

Public-private collaboration in the space sector is a balancing act. Where can government organizations achieve greater innovation, efficiencies, and reduced risk? How can commercial parties realize a fair return on investment? 


10:00 Welcome: Scott Pace, Space Policy Institute

10:10 Keynote: Jim Bridenstine, former NASA Administrator

10:30 Panel 1: Learning from past public private collaboration efforts - successes and failures. 

• Henry Hertzfeld, Space Policy Institute - moderator

• Patricia Cooper, President & Founder Constellation Advisory, LLC

• Brian D. Wessel, Attorney-Advisor, NASA Office of the General Counsel

• Moon Kim, NASA HQ - Agency Investment Analysis 

• Diane Howard, White House - National Space Council

11:30 Lunch provided (40 mins) 

12:10 Panel 2: Future: strategies for public private collaboration – navigating uncertainty and risk. 

• Karen Jones, The Center for Space Policy and Strategy - moderator

• Tom Gillespie, Managing Partner, In-Q-Tel

• Chris Kunstadter, Global Head of Space, Axa – XL

• Jen Ross, Executive Consultant to SCS Frontdoor

• Kevin Pomfret, Attorney at Williams Mullen

1:10 Wrap Up: Jamie Morin, Executive Director, Center for Space Policy and Strategy 

1:25 End

This will be a hybrid event; it's open to the public and media and it will be recorded. Guests are welcome to join us in-person at 1957 E ST NW or online via Zoom. Please register for more information on accessing the event.

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