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Series Two presents Alan Devenport solo exhibition "Latchkey Kid".

Gallery 102
801 22nd Street Northwest
Washington, DC 20052

Regressions: A Collection of Solo MFA Thesis Exhibitions at Gallery 102


Series Two: Alan Devenport

March 22 - March 28th

Latchkey Kid

Opening Reception: March 28th, 5-7pm

Gallery Hours Monday-Sunday 1-5pm

“Latchkey Kid” is a series of seal carvings, animation, and performance that blend storytelling, humor, and reflections on the self. These pieces pull imagery and memories from his childhood, presenting the discomfort of a child struggling to confront changes of the past and the uncertainty of the future.

The seal carvings represent excerpts from his personal life and experiences as the only Asian in a Christian school. To complement these carvings, descriptions and ‘fun facts’ adorn the walls as well- reminiscent of a child’s scribbles. The animation and performance explore the relationship between Alan and his mother- a relationship bound in unconditional love but strained by mistrust, confusion, and conflicting personalities.


Alan Devenport is a multimedia artist who pulls inspiration from childhood memories, experiences as an Asian American, and treatment as an outsider. His works are rooted in a desire to connect with others and create communication beyond words.


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