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We at CHA recognize how the sickle cell crisis has affected the black community. In celebration of Black History Month and Rare Disease Month, we want to bring awareness to sickle cell disease in two ways. The first way is by educating people about what sickle cell disease is and how brutal it can be. The second way is by arming the students of GW with the knowledge of their sickle cell trait genetic standing. This information is important to college-age students because as we think of life beyond college and starting a family, being aware of sickle cell trait standing can be an important tool for future family planning. 

We are working closely with genetic counselor Lisa Schwartz from GW and a colleague at Howard University to get 70 people tested with our event. Students will be tested via blood prick at no charge to them. Please sign up for a timeslot using SignUp Genius. Walk-ins are welcome, but we cannot guarantee that there will be tests left or a counselor available to test at that time. Sickle Cell Disease is known to affect the Black/African American community predominantly but is also prevalent in Caribbean, South American, South Asian, and Mediterranean countries. We welcome students of all backgrounds to learn about their sickle cell trait standing but acknowledge this is more common with some backgrounds. 

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