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The 21st century has seen the rapid growth of space technology and space-based actors, with more countries and commercial companies launching satellites and exploring the cosmos. However, this growth has brought new security challenges. Emerging space security threats - such as orbital debris, anti-satellite weapon testing, and cyberattacks - along with growing competition between the United States and China, are becoming increasingly prevalent. 


To discuss these challenges and provide their thoughts on the future of space security, the Delta Phi Epsilon Foreign Service Fraternity, along with our co-sponsors, the Space Policy Institute of the Elliott School and the Onero Institute, is proud to present a panel of subject matter experts including the esteemed Ms. Kari Bingen (Director of the Aerospace Security Project at CSIS), Professor Aaron Bateman (Space Policy Institute at the Elliott School), and Dr. Brian Weeden (Director of Program Planning at Secure World Foundation). 


Opening remarks for the event will be provided by Professor John Klein (Senior Fellow at Falcon Research), and the panel will be moderated by DPE President Yash Bajaj. It will take place on Wednesday, May 3rd at 6:30 pm ET in the Lindner Family Commons (Room 602) of the Elliott School.

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