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Elliott School of International Affairs , 505 Free Event

1957 Est NW Washington, DC 20052

Free Event

The digital has emerged as a driving force of change that is reshaping everyday life and affecting nearly every sphere of vital activity. Yet, its impact has been far from uniform. Joe F. Khalil, a visiting scholar at GWU’s Institute for Public Diplomacy and Global Communication, explores the intricate relationship between technology and socio-political change in the Middle East.  Providing insights into the dynamics of change and stasis, Khalil moves beyond binary formulations to emphasize how the digital reshapes “the political” and, conversely, how politics shapes the  region’s digital turn. Introducing the concept of the “digital double bind,” this talk offers insights into  the complexities, contradictions, and tensions characterizing the Middle East’s engagement with the digital era. This talk is based on his newly published book The Digital Double Bind (Oxford University Press), co-authored with Mohamed Zayani.

This is a hybrid event. Attendees may join remotely via Zoom or in-person at 1957 E St. NW, Room 505, Washington, DC 20052.

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