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#sustainability, community, service

Let's see how many acorns we can get! 


Come to University Yard starting at 5pm on Mon, Oct 30th for a glass of apple cider, a bag, and instructions for where on campus to forage and what to look for in a good nut. Come back whenever you're done or by 6:45pm latest so we can weigh our results and see how many pounds of acorns we saved from gutters and landfills. The event ends at 7pm.


All acorns will be used in Acornucopia!, an interactive art experience created by Shawn Shafner (2nd year in MFA Social Practice) and running Nov 13 - Dec 1 in Smith Gallery 102. After that, native tree acorns will be donated to Potomac Conservancy's Tomorrow's Trees, "a people-powered seed collection initiative that creates future forests for healthy rivers and streams."


Acorns for donation can also be collected at other times, before and after Oct 30. If interested, please email Shawn for instructions or send a note below.


Thanks to the Office of Sustainability for their support in making this event possible!

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