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Do you want to participate in the most hilarious spoof pageant in the country?
For the Third annual GWPalooza, we are bringing back our fan favorite, GWU's "GW CROWN" spoof pageant! Do you like being on stage? Do you like making people laugh? Do you like dancing and representing your student organization? Well, this event is for you!

When?? Show Sunday, 2/11, @1PM
Where?? Betts Theater, USC
Who?? One representative from various student orgs
What?? Spoof Pageant with an opening group dance number, talent section of your choice, and onstage question
Why?? For money and school spirit, duh!

Each Org can nominate one member to compete in a full production joke pageant in Lisner auditorium, including an opening number, talent, and onstage question. The funnier, the better!

The GW Crown takes place on February 11th as the highlight event of GWPalooza. A large award is at stake (and your pride)!

If you need more information, email:

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