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It's been one year since Russia launched an all-out assault on Ukraine. A panel of GW historians including Professor Hugh Agnew, Professor Gregg Brazinsky, Professor Hope M. Harrison, and Professor James Hershberg will assess how historical factors have influenced the war and the responses of various countries (including Ukraine, Russia, the US, China, and Germany) to the war. They will also discuss what history can tell us about options for how this war may end. Professor Daniel Schwartz, History Department Chair, will moderate the event.
The panel is hosted by IERES, the Petrach Program on Ukraine, the GW History Department, the University Seminar on Europe Since Covid-19, and the Sigur Center for Asian Studies.
Prof. Hugh Agnew is an expert on Russia, Ukraine, and Eastern Europe. He is the author of The Czechs and the Lands of the Bohemian Crown and Origins of the Czech National Renascence.
Prof. Gregg Brazinsky is an expert on US foreign policy and on China. He is interim director of the Sigur Center for Asian Studies and the author of Winning the Third World: Sino-American Rivalry during the Cold War and Nation Building in South Korea.
Prof. Hope M. Harrison is an expert on Russia and Germany. She is the author of Driving the Soviets up the Wall: Soviet-East German Relations, 1953-1961 and After the Berlin Wall: Memory and the Making of the New Germany, 1989-the Present.
Prof. James Hershberg is an expert on US foreign policy and nuclear weapons. He is the author of James B. Conant: Harvard to Hiroshima and the Making of the Nuclear Age and Marigold: The Lost Chance for Peace in Vietnam.
This event is on the record and open to the media.

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