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Elliott School of International Affairs , 412Q Voesar Conference Room View map Free Event

1957 E St NW

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Each willing immigrant entering the United States brings with them a predetermined idea of their destination, commonly known as the "American Dream." These aspirations take shape either knowingly or unknowingly long before individuals set foot on American soil, and each vision is closely linked to the immigrant' cultural backgrounds and historical experiences. While these dreams may undergo alterations or complete collapses over time, they play a significant role in influencing immigrants'; perspectives of their adopted homeland, actively contributing to the shaping of the American reality.

This seminar will present the preliminary findings of the study centered on the Russian-speaking immigrant community in the United States. The analysis is based on biographical interviews conducted with first-generation immigrants from Russia and the former Soviet Union who arrived in the United States in different waves ranging from the early 1980s to the mid-2010s. Through deconstructing the concept of “American Dream” among Russian immigrants, the aim is to demonstrate the impact of their cultural backgrounds on shaping their views and attitudes towards America, including how it influences their political preferences.

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