In Fashion: Selections from the GW Collection

Stephen Livick photograph of a mannequin
Steven Livick "Untitled (Single Mannequin)", 1978 gelatin silver print Gift of Lawrence Benenson, 1982

Carolina Herrera, Neiman Marcus, Hattie Carnegie — you know their names, but do you know what they look like? Fashion designers and fashion purveyors can become synonymous with their designs: a little black dress, a handbag or a scarf that everyone is suddenly wearing, but the face of the designer who created that fashionable piece might never be known. A number of the photographs on view are portraits of well-known designers, models or other people in fashion. They counter the glamorous side of the fashion industry. Works by May Wilson and Jody Mussoff give the impression of constriction and anxiety, while photographs by Steven Livick draw attention to the slim line between models and their inanimate foil: mannequins.


Organized as a companion to the exhibit Fast Fashion/Slow Art (Aug. 8 – Dec. 15, 2019) this exhibition features works of drawing and sculpture, as well as numerous photographs from the GW Collection. Also on view will be three works from the Estate of Dr. Luther W. Brady, Jr.

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