Financial Innovation and Data governance

Banner showcasing the co-sponsors of the webinar
Banner showcasing the co-sponsors of the webinar

Financial innovation refers to the creation of new financial or investment products, services, or processes. Recent financial innovations include crowdfunding, mobile banking technology, cryptocurrencies, and remittance technology. Moreover, tech innovations, such as quantum computing, can further revolutionize the industry. As with any form of innovation policymakers are attempting to develop an enabling environment to facilitate such innovation while simultaneously protecting individuals and firms from harm. We'll discuss how data governance, one part of such governance, relates to financial innovation.




- Brad Carr, Managing Director, Digital Finance, Institute for International Finance


- Ravi Shankar Chatvedi, Director of Research and Lecturer in Global Business, Institute for Business in the Global Context (IBGC), Tufts University


- Linda Jeng. Global Head of Policy, Transparent and Visiting Scholar and Adjunct Professor, Georgetown Institute of International Economic Law

- Sultan Meghji, Chief Innovation Officer, FDIC


Moderator: Dr. Barbara Kotschwar, Executive Director, Visa Empowerment Institute and Adjunct Professor, Georgetown University.