GW NVC Mentor Mingle

Want to connect with former, current investors and experienced entrepreneurs that can mentor you on your business?

GW NVC Mentor Mingle

Are you in search of guidance on how to get your startup business up and running? Want to connect with former and current investors that can mentor you on your pitch? Are you looking to get further in the GW New Venture Competition? Join us for an evening of networking and matching with mentors that can help guide you in your business journey.

The GW Office of Innovation & Entrepreneurship presents its annual Mentor Mingle Event as part the the GW New Venture Competition! This event will allow aspiring GW student entrepreneurs (at all experience levels) to connect with other entrepreneurs, business professionals and industry experts. **Note: Mentorship is intended for GW students only.


Do you have social and business ideas that can make the world a better place? Attend the Mentor Mingle to:

  • Expose your ideas to experts
  • Receive guidance / evaluation of your ideas and concepts
  • Obtain advice on the next steps to successful concept development
  • Hear success stories from successful entrepreneurs


Help Empower the Future!

  • Meet bright GW students with creative and innovative ideas
  • Help guide students in evaluating their ideas and concepts
  • Help students turn insights and ideas into viable products and ventures
  • Provide students with your success stories, help inspire and motivate
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