How to Pitch to an Investor Workshop

Create a sound and vetted pitch before the next time you meet with a big investor!


For start-ups seeking to fund raise successfully through investors, the Pitch is a critical first step to gaining their interest. It is important, however, to keep in mind that this is only the beginning in a series of steps. Becoming educated on the in’s and out’s of each step will differentiate you in the eyes of investors and hopefully get you the funding you’ve worked hard for for your start-up. With 100s of ventures pitching to them, investors appreciate nothing more than an entrepreneur who is well-prepared and has done their homework!


This workshop will present methods for conveying facts about a startup venture efficiently. This workshop explores approaches for generating enthusiasm for your venture and addressing the fears and concerns that investors and funders have about any new venture.


If interested in attending this event, please register for only 1 ticket type. If there are multiple ticket types that apply to you, please only select a your primary designation (i.e. I am both a GW student & staff member, but GW staff is my primary designation.)

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