Information Session: Applied Economics (MS)

A grad student in a classroom taking notes on a tablet and looking up at the front of the room

Join Professor Dr. Joann Weiner online for a discussion about how the GW Columbian College's Master of Science in Applied Economics can take your career to the next level.

About the Program

GW’s Master of Science in Applied Economics provides students with the tools to succeed as economists in today’s data-driven world. Our graduates learn to draw meaningful implications from data and integrate economic analysis into their professional lives. They apply economic theory and quantitative methods to real-world scenarios such as measuring the impacts of government programs and forecasting economic trends.

Classes are taught by a diverse faculty, utilizing both GW’s internationally recognized economics professors and professionals from local economic organizations. Coursework includes not only economics material but also data science, budgeting and public policy, health and development economics and geographical information systems. The MS in Applied Economics is a U.S. Department of Homeland Security STEM-designated degree program.


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